Green news – meet our bees!

Urban bees on the roof of our hotel

Did you know that right here, in the heart of the city of Tallinn, on the roof of the Nordic Hotel Forum, there are 6 lovely orange-colored beehives, in which more than 360,000 busy city bees work together in the middle of summer! We are the first hotel in Tallinn to lead the way in urban beekeeping in the heart of Tallinn.

In our daily work, Nordic Hotel Forum operates on the principle of sustainability which includes, among other things, environmentally friendly activities. Our environmentally friendly activities are confirmed by the international environmental label Green Key awarded to us already in 2010.

The Tallinn Beekeepers’ Society is helping us

Bees are one of nature’s wonders and as a Green Key hotel, we really feel happy and proud to have 6 beautiful bee hives with over 360,000 bees right here on our rooftop!  We would like to say a huge thanks to the Tallinn Beekeepers Society who help us in taking the best care of our dear bees! While you stay, enjoy the best view of the hives from our Leisure Centre or from the guestrooms on the 7th and 8th floors that  look out across the court yard.

Do you know why we need the bees in the first place? Let’s find out! Here are 8 facts from the Tallinn Beekeepers Society to help you get to know the bees better; take a closer look by clicking here.

Our bees have fantastic access to Tallinn’s major parks such as Tammsaare Park only a few steps from the hotel and the amazing historical Kadriorg Park, and all other green areas around Tallinn, all within a three-kilometre radius, where they collect a wide variety of pollen and nectar, giving their honey a truly delicious taste. As soon as the honey is ready, we’ll keep surprising our guests with our honey at breakfast from time to time. So just be ready for the surprise honey tasting!

Tallinn is a green capital

Have you already been to Tallinn, and enjoyed the view over our green city and breathed its fresh clean air?
That’s right, British newspaper The Telegraph published the results of a WHO study, according to which Tallinn is one of the top ten capital cities in the world with the cleanest air, with a respectable seventh position.
“Medieval Tallinn – with its imposing city walls and narrow cobbled streets – was not built with motor vehicles in mind. Driving around the ancient city centre is impractical, which has largely kept cars away. Add to that the city’s bountiful green spaces and breezy coastal setting, and you have the ingredients for one of the least polluted cities in the world,” writes The Telegraph.

We have also put up a webcam on the roof where you can observe the bees busily gathering honey, enjoy the live stream with a view of the hives and Tallinn’s picturesque Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the background.

At Nordic Hotel Forum we are guided in our daily work by the principles of corporate social responsibility, including eco-friendly activities. Our eco-friendly activities are confirmed by the eco-label Green Key we were awarded in 2010. Read more about our principles of corporate responsibility by clicking here.