Pillow menu

The pillows ensure you the most beautiful dreams.

If the eye tends to fall shut after a lively day and from the view of Tallinn Old Town from the window, it’s good to rest and gather new strength in the especially comfortable beds of our hotel. Allow your head to rest on the pillows, which will guarantee you beautiful dreams. If you want extra pillows, you can find both extra pillows and blankets in the closet of the room. And that’s not all! The pillow menu offers different pillows that you can order for your room.

Pillow menu:

  • neck pillow – supports your head and neck and allows a good night’s sleep to last
  • delux pillow – fluffy comfort and the embrace of gentle sleep
  • low pillow – a low pillow suitable for both adults and children

If you want extra pillows, please call the reception short number 3900 from your hotel room (+ 372 622 2900).