Discover Reval with Jüri von Kaufmann

Discover medieval Tallinn with an adventure game
Time: 2 hours
Cost: €15 (please contact reception)

Jüri von Kaufmann (in German “merchant”) was a medieval merchant. He came from Lübeck, but lived in Reval (Tallinn) and travelled a lot, especially in the Hanseatic cities of Estonia. He was neither overly rich nor poor. But Jüri was special – he was able to see the future. He left us with tasks to figure out and messages with which to solve them.

The aim of the game is to find Jüri’s “breadcrumb trail”, solve puzzles and find the message he sent you. On the map you will find the possible places where Jüri left his tasks. It doesn’t matter in which order you follow the steps – but the more checkpoints you can pass, the greater the chance of reaching the message left by Jüri.

We recommend the game to be played with 3-4 people on a smartphone or tablet. Access can be purchased from reception and the game starts at the Nordic Hotel Forum.