In the lobby of the Nordic Hotel Forum, you can see beautiful butterflies.

Make a short stop in the butterfly corner of the lobby of the Nordic Hotel Forum and check out the colorful representatives of the diverse nature of our planet. The butterfly exhibition of the hotel presents delicate winged creatures that have been caught for scientific purposes and using ethical methods from the rainforests of South America, the nature of Southeast Asia, and the forests and fields of Estonia.

Look at this kaleidoscope of colors and patterns: each butterfly is nature’s wonderful handiwork. The display is an interesting attraction for nature lovers of all ages.

The creator of the butterfly collection

The creator of the butterfly collection is entomologist Aare Lindt, who has been working as an entomologist and curator at the Estonian Museum of Natural History for over 20 years. He caught his first butterflies at the age of 9. From the point of view of science, Aare has discovered approximately 30 new species. Studying insects and supporting their biodiversity is important because insects pollinate plants, thereby helping to maintain the diversity of the ecosystem and the sustainability of nature.

We also recommend visiting the Estonian Museum of Natural History and getting to know the exciting exhibition about Estonian nature. The museum is located just a 10-minute walk from the Nordic Hotel Forum at Lai 29A. The museum offers exciting, inspiring, and educational exhibitions and programs for visitors of all ages.

Butterfly collection:

A – Panacea prola, South America R – Historis odius, South America
B – Battus crassus, South America S – Nymphalidae, represented in different parts of the world
C – Charaxes bernadus, Southeast Asia T – Urania leilus, South America
D – Heliconius sp., South America U – Papilio maackii, Far East
F – Marpesia orsilochus, South America V – Nymphalis antiopa ehk leinaliblikas, Estonia
G – Historis acheronta, South America Q- Lamproptera megas, Southeast Asia
H – Inachis io ehk päevapaabusilm, Estonia X – Nymphalis xanthomelas ehk valgetähn-pajuliblikas, Estonia
I – Graphium antiphates, South America Y – Papilio memnon, Southeast Asia
J – Euploea radamanthus, Southeast Asia Ä – Appias nero, South America
K – Aphrissa statira, South America Ö – Graphium agamemnon, South America
L – Eurytides ariarathes, South America Ü – Parides sesostris, South America
M – Polyura ahtamas, Southeast Asia 1 – Parthenos sylvia, Southeast Asia
N – Hebomoia glaucippe, Southeast Asia 2 – Graphium antiphates, South America
O – Limenitis populi ehk haavalumik, Estonia 3 – Graphium sarpedon, Southeast Asia
P – Parnassius tianschanicus, Central Asia 4 –Papilio iswaroides, Southeast Asia

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