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  • Nordic Hotel Forum has been awarded as one of the five best travel destinations in the Baltic


  • Nordic Hotel Forum - the first superior four-star hotel in Estonia


  • Nordic Hotel Forum named best conference hotel in Tallinn


  • We received an award as the best hotel/convention centre at an important British music event.


Nordic Hotel Forum has been awarded as one of the five best travel destinations in the Baltic

On 30 August, the Baltic Ambassador Programme held its first Best of Baltic Award ceremony. Of a total of 17 Estonian finalist destinations, five were awarded as the Best of the Baltic in 2012. Recipients were selected via online voting by 32 tour and event organisers who regularly send tourists to Estonia. They were evaluated based on criteria such as 'excellence in touring', 'price and quality ratio' and 'representative of the local culture'. The awards went to Olde Hansa restaurant, Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa hotel, Meriton Grand Conference & Spa hotel, and Nordic Hotel Forum.

The museum of the Tallinn Seaplane Harbour (Lennusadam) received a special award. The Baltic Ambassador staff visits approximately a hundred tour and event organisers yearly from eight European countries in order to endorse the best destinations in the Baltic Sea region. The Baltic Ambassador Programme works with 208 tour and event organisers and has to date introduced 36 destinations across the Baltic.

Pierre Blime, the director of the Baltic Ambassador Programme told that, in future, Estonian tourism must be able to offer both quality and a unique experience while maintaining a competitive price level. Quoting several tour and event organisers from Norway, Spain, and Sweden who have attended the Baltic Ambassador meetings, Blime mentioned that some Estonian destinations already have the best price and quality ratio in Europe. He hopes that this will not change in the future and the new opportunities arising on the developing markets will be seized. Blime added: "Tallinn should not be just satisfied with large numbers of cruise tourists who are not the most profitable, but use high cruise ship traffic in the summer to foster tourism year-round." Feliks Mägus, the Chairman of the Nordic Hotels OÜ Board, praised the Baltic Ambassador Programme for the work done in marketing Estonia, and advised everyone in the tourism industry to join the programme.

Additional information: Feliks Mägus Chairman of the Board, Nordic Hotels OÜ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Nordic Hotel Forum - the first superior four-star hotel in Estonia

Nordic Hotel Forum, located in the heart of Tallinn, is the first hotel in Estonia to receive an official certificate of superior four-star rating from the Estonian Association of Hotels and Restaurants (EAHR).

To qualify for the superior four-star rating, the hotel has to earn an extra 190 points in addition to the regular requirements set for four-star hotels. Among other things, Nordic Hotel Forum received its additional points for having a relaxation centre with a pool, noise-controlled room doors and windows, a la carte breakfast option, atmosphere, and excellent furnishings. Due to this, the EAHR evaluation panel decided to elevate Nordic Hotel Forum's current four-star rating to the superior four-star level.
According to Raigo Triik, the CEO of the EAHR, star rating is not mandatory for Estonian hotels, but it is very useful for customers. "Star rating is a guarantee that the hotel provides the services at the promised level and customers can be rest assured that they will receive high-quality services and the same accommodations regardless of the country they are visiting," added Triik. "For the sake of quality and development of the Estonian tourism industry, the hotel rating system is very important," mentioned Triik.

As of last year, the Estonian hotel classification system has been integrated with the European common hotel star system Hotelstars, which is also recognised by the European Commission. According to the Hotelstars rating, the hotel may receive 1 to 5 stars. Once it meets additional criteria, it can apply for an elevated, superior level in addition to the awarded star rating. Minimum requirements are the same for all star-rated hotels. Common standards include requirements for hotel building, provided services, and accommodations based on the number of stars.

Currently, there are 22 star-rated hotels in Estonia, including four five-star hotels, one superior four-star hotel, and five four-star hotels. The star-rating is awarded by a seven member classification committee of the EAHR. The star-rating expires in five years.

Being opened in 2007 in the heart of Tallinn, Nordic Hotel Forum is one of the newest business and conference hotels. Nordic Hotel Forum is based near Estonian capital houses, Monaco restaurant, as well as the Monaco Honorary Consulate.

We received an award as the best hotel/convention centre at an important British music event.

At the Yearly Music Conference Awards of The Great Escape festival in Brighton, The Tallinn Music Week was awarded the best hotel/convention centre title, which goes to the festival accommodation provider, the Nordic Hotel Forum. Last year, the Tallinn Music Week received an award for the best new small convention.
"The Tallinn Music Week is one of the most enjoyable music industry events that I have ever been to and, believe me, I have been to plenty of them," told Martin Elbourne, organiser of The Great Escape and a long-time music programme director of the Glastonbury Festival, "Tallinn is full of great and special concert venues, quaint café bars, good food, and interesting new music. The Nordic Hotel Forum is just a short walk away from the happenings, plus having a leisure centre and pool with a view of the downtown is a definite bonus for all the foreign guests of the festival."
The Nordic Hotel Forum has partnered with the festival from the first year the event was held. In the framework of the Tallinn Music Week, a two-day music industry convention is held at the hotel.

This year, it had 589 delegates participating. The Tallinn Music Week brought 306 music industry specialists and foreign journalists from all over the world to Estonia. On this fourth year of the event, both the convention and the convention hotel were completely sold out.
We promise that our Monaco "The Tallinn Music Week is one of the most important cultural events for the Nordic Hotel Forum. Hotel visitors as well as personnel enjoy the atmosphere created by the festival. The Tallinn Music Week is an important marketing partner not only for the Nordic Hotel Forum but also for all of Estonia. "The Tallinn Music Week is an excellent example of how culture and business can support each other," noted Feliks Mägus, the Chairman of the Board of the Nordic Hotel Forum.
The Tallinn Music Week 2013 will be held 4-7 April.

Nordic Hotel Forum named best conference hotel in Tallinn

A survey conducted by GfK Custom Research Baltic commissioned by the Tallinn Enterprise Board has revealed that the Estonian capital enjoys an excellent reputation as a conference destination. The foreign delegates who have visited the city see its advantages as being its beauty, its friendly population and its security. And the hotel they nominated as the best conference venue in Tallinn was Nordic Hotel Forum!
The 12 best-known conference venues in the city were evaluated based on levels of satisfaction with them for their conference services as well as hotels generally. Both aspects were assessed across three categories: quality, service and catering. We're happy to report that Nordic Hotel Forum took top honours in five out of those six categories, among some very stiff competition!

We are very highly regarded as a conference venue, with those surveyed giving top marks to our quality, service and catering in this area. We also did extremely well in terms of the accommodation services we offer in the quality and catering categories. This shows that we're on the right track, and we're glad to see that in addition to the latest technology and inspirational settings we provide our guests also rate the quality of our service and catering so highly – both outstripping those of our competitors.
If this has convinced you to organize your next conference or other company event with us here at Tallinn's best conference hotel, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by calling +372 622 2999 or e-mailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
We look forward to proving to you how worthy we are of the title!

TMW and KUMU declare the arrival of spring

The cultural opening of the spring was declared last weekend during the Tallinn Music Week! This year's festival featured nearly all the best Estonian musicians and bands, from Liis Lemsalu and Laika Virgin to the band HU?. Furthermore, the programme included widely different, good performers from Finland, Latvia, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, during the last day of the Tallinn Music Week, our hotel hosted an interesting suite concert that the audience could listen to and watch as a live stream via their computers or smart phones. The suite concert featured Jagaspace, Orelipoiss as well as Sepia from Finland. A DJ set was performed by Sander Mölder. It is excellent that the concert could be enjoyed by whoever had an Internet connection, because it was streamed in real time for the joy of all music lovers.

If you wish to fill your weekends with something special, look no further than the Art Museum of Estonia (Eesti Kunstimuuseum). Until the end of April, the museum will have its so-called long Wednesdays. This means that on the first Wednesday of each month the Kadriorg Art Museum will be open until 9 p.m. On the second Wednesday of each month it will be the Mikkel Museum, and on the third and fourth Wednesday, Kumu. Thanks to the long Wednesdays, the eye-opening art can be enjoyed even after a long day at work.

We wish you a culture-filled spring!