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  • Nordic Hotel Forum - the first superior four-star hotel in Estonia


  • Nordic Hotel Forum named best conference hotel in Tallinn


  • We received an award as the best hotel/convention centre at an important British music event.


Nordic Hotel Forum - the first superior four-star hotel in Estonia

Nordic Hotel Forum, located in the heart of Tallinn, is the first hotel in Estonia to receive an official certificate of superior four-star rating from the Estonian Association of Hotels and Restaurants (EAHR).

To qualify for the superior four-star rating, the hotel has to earn an extra 190 points in addition to the regular requirements set for four-star hotels. Among other things, Nordic Hotel Forum received its additional points for having a relaxation centre with a pool, noise-controlled room doors and windows, a la carte breakfast option, atmosphere, and excellent furnishings. Due to this, the EAHR evaluation panel decided to elevate Nordic Hotel Forum's current four-star rating to the superior four-star level.
According to Raigo Triik, the CEO of the EAHR, star rating is not mandatory for Estonian hotels, but it is very useful for customers. "Star rating is a guarantee that the hotel provides the services at the promised level and customers can be rest assured that they will receive high-quality services and the same accommodations regardless of the country they are visiting," added Triik. "For the sake of quality and development of the Estonian tourism industry, the hotel rating system is very important," mentioned Triik.

As of last year, the Estonian hotel classification system has been integrated with the European common hotel star system Hotelstars, which is also recognised by the European Commission. According to the Hotelstars rating, the hotel may receive 1 to 5 stars. Once it meets additional criteria, it can apply for an elevated, superior level in addition to the awarded star rating. Minimum requirements are the same for all star-rated hotels. Common standards include requirements for hotel building, provided services, and accommodations based on the number of stars.

Currently, there are 22 star-rated hotels in Estonia, including four five-star hotels, one superior four-star hotel, and five four-star hotels. The star-rating is awarded by a seven member classification committee of the EAHR. The star-rating expires in five years.

Being opened in 2007 in the heart of Tallinn, Nordic Hotel Forum is one of the newest business and conference hotels. Nordic Hotel Forum is based near Estonian capital houses, Monaco restaurant, as well as the Monaco Honorary Consulate.